Sunday, April 13, 2008

Well another weekend is about to end and nothing much has happened. I have been spending the time just reading and doing some self-studying on computer/internet/web related stuffs lately. Yesterday the institution started with its Fiesta mood. The Ateneo always have a weeklong activity called the Ateneo Fiesta. This week is devoted to games and events on campus both for faculty/staff and students but this is more like a student event. They get time off from the rudiments of school work. I was suppose to play 9 balls of golf but somehow i lost the drive because of load of work at the office even during the fiesta week. That's when the office gets tight with print works.Another thing i am looking forward to is the Alumni homecoming that will be happening this friday. A time to mingle and meet with old high school classmates and batchmates. I dont know how many would be coming from our batch to the event but we'll just wait and see.